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Sharp rise in Staten Island deer carcasses being cremated The Sanitation Department contractor Pet Crematory Agency collected 118 deer carcasses from roads and other city property on Staten Island in 2016. (Advance file photo courtesy of Camille Carbonaro) CITY HALL -- Many more of Staten Island's dead deer were cremated with other animal carcasses on Long Island last year.  A Sanitation Department contractor said 118 deer carcasses were collected in 2016 from streets or other city property in the borough.  That's a 50 percent increase from the 79 dead deer picked up on Staten Island in 2015. Six carcasses were collected in the first three weeks of this year alone.  The bodies were removed by the West Babylon-based Pet Crematory Agency  under a $1.8 million, five-year contract to remove deer carcasses, roadkill and other dead animals for the city.  "The contract encompasses more than the removal of dead deer carcasses; the main part of the contract involves removal of animal carcasses citywide, from three Animal Care Centers and horse carcasses from stables citywide," Sanitation Department spokeswoman Belinda Mager said.  Staten Island's white-tailed herd has grown considerably in the last decade, prompting an ambitious city plan to perform vasectomies on hundreds of male deer to cut the population .  An unchecked and expanding herd can harm forests and private property, spread tick-borne illness like Lyme disease and wander into roads more often, increasing the risk for deadly vehicle collisions. In November, the city said the Pet Crematory Agency took too long to pick up a dead doe Home improvement Staten Island that was hit by a car and dragged by police onto private property in Dongan Hills. The carcass went missing by the time the driver arrived a couple days later .  Though more bodies are piling up, the Pet Crematory Agency is confident that it can handle the number of deer carcasses on Staten Island.  So is the Sanitation Department, which recently extended the Pet Crematory Agency's contract for a sixth year through May 2018 with an additional $360,000.  The Sanitation Department dispatches the Pet Crematory Agency to collect dead deer and other animal carcasses citywide.  How long this takes depends on when the carcass is found.  If the Sanitation Department calls the Pet Crematory Agency before 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, the body must be removed that day. After 2 p.m., and the carcass is to be collected by noon the next weekday.  Carcasses must also be collected the next weekday if reported over the weekend or on holidays, unless in an emergency.  "We dispatch the call to our driver to retrieve the carcass and return to the crematory with carcass for cremation," the Pet Crematory Agency explained in a written statement.  The driver is dispatched by phone and text.  "The Staten Island driver is responsible for the deer carcass pick-ups," the Pet Crematory Agency said. "Same driver is dispatched for approximately 85% of deer carcass pick-ups, the other 15% is dispatched according to the driver's availability in the borough."  The carcasses are transported by van to the cremation facility on Long Island -- where there are units large enough to fit dead horses.  "Deer are group cremated with other animals including dogs," the Pet Crematory Agency said.  Pet owners can pick up individual remains after cremation. But "group remains" mixed with those of Staten Island's dead deer are removed from the facility and disposed of by the Town of Babylon.  Pet Crematory Agency said most deer carcasses are collected from Staten Island's roads. The agency said many of them are found around the West Shore Expressway going north and south, from the Staten Island Expressway to the Outerbridge Crossing.  The city is responsible for dead deer on its own property, like in parks and on streets. But homeowners must dispose of dead deer or other wildlife carcasses on their private property themselves.  Staten Islanders who find deer carcasses on city property are asked to call 311 and be specific about the location.

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